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Yoga Is Festival Online Access

Yoga Is Festival

I was asked by Suzanne Bryant the founder of the 'Yoga Is festival' to join a stunning master teacher line up along with my beloved Sianna Sherman share to the world how we have generated so much intimacy in our dynamic loving relationship.

We thought how challenging it can be to share intimate thoughts and practices privately and took the challenge to share what we felt was practical to help the world find intimacy and divinity in life, which we call 'The Alchemy of Love'. 

We share practical applications to finding and expanding on love & relationships with the beloved and personal stories to of how we tapped into secrets of life.

There are many amazing teachers sharing their wisdom including Deepak Chopra, Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, Ashley Turner, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Rod Stryker, Elena Brower, Gurmukh, Deva Premal & Miten along side so many more teachers and luminaries.

PLUS This year they have something special for just for YOU!

For our loyalty members if you sign up now for the year long 2017 Festival happening on November 18th, I will be gifting access to our brand new YOGA IS Online Platform for an entire year - all video's will now be in once platform! 
We plan to keep this energy alive all year long with

  • Immediate access to hundreds of Yoga and mediation classes

  • Monthly new content from guest teachers

  • Intimate Interviews with the World's Leading Yoga Teachers & Wellness Luminaries

  • Never-before-seen content from the YOGA IS film

  • A global community of yogis through our private Facebook group, live Q + A and more!

This is what Suzanne Bryant has to say about Sianna and I.

Sianna and Masood have, combined, over 50 years of yoga practice between them. Masood is also a musician & composer, and Sianna blends a diverse background in science and mysticism to enhance her teachings. It was easy to see and feel the radiance each of them have in the other’s presence.

Watch this clip to see Sianna & Masood open up about the alchemy of love, and watch out for the end, when Masood speaks eloquently on the careful dance that keeps them grounded and open with one another.

If you’d like to see the full conversation, and share in the revelations of why conscious self-love is so important when embarking on a loving relationship with other, get registered for the debut of the full lineup on November 18th.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me! I hope you’re enjoying these Teacher Wisdom snippets. As we get closer to festival time, I’ll be sharing more free A-ha Moments from some of the biggest names in yoga & wellness, so look out for me in your inbox!

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