Gathering of Light Greece Retreat - Don't wait to book as this is almost sold out!
Jul 1

Gathering of Light Greece Retreat - Don't wait to book as this is almost sold out!

  • Paros Island Greece

With Sianna Sherman, Zeyneb Uras, Masood Ali Khan & Konstantinos


For third year in a row we gather to offer this exceptional Yoga retreat in Paros island. This retreat became a custom for us at Cihangir Yoga in Turkey and Bhāvanā Yoga in Greece and we are proud and happy to be able to bring together a worldwide community to share what we love. This year, Zeyneb Uras and Konstantinos Charantiniotis come together with Sianna Sherman and Masood Ali Khan to offer you a transformational retreat! Your 6-day yoga retreat takes place on the beautiful Cycladic Island of Paros, at the stunning Okreblue Hotel during the longest days of the year. At this magical place, under the bright light, you will unfurl your heart rays in the Sun & Sea, practice yoga, chant mantras, soak in the life force energy and rejuvenate in the magic of the Greek Islands. We gather as yogis in the days of summer to celebrate the power of light. As we magnify our own light, we supercharge the light in our communities and families. Daily rhythm includes but is not limited to: yoga, meditation, pranayama, chanting, dancing, live music, laughing, swimming in the sea, soaking in the sun, eating the most outrageously delicious Greek food, sleeping sweetly, bonding with beautiful beings, star- gazing, cat-napping and spontaneous adventures of immense JOY! These six days offer a chance to connect with an international community of beautiful yoginis & yogis, along with four inspiring teachers. If you want to enchant your soul, delight your senses and invoke the heart of yoga in the whole of your life, just ... Come! Come as one, Come as family, Come with friends, Come with your lover, Come whatever age you are and come whatever degree of yoga you may be… all styles, all people, all welcome!

SOLD OUT!!! Alchemy of Avalon Pilgrimage with Sianna Sherman
Aug 4

SOLD OUT!!! Alchemy of Avalon Pilgrimage with Sianna Sherman

  • EarthSpirit

Known as modern-day Glastonbury, the lands of Avalon honor all that is sacred. Full of myth & magic, Priestess and Druid traditions - here the flows of the Feminine & Masculine unite inside the temple of the Goddess. Ceremony, ritual, prayer, dance, song & communion with nature are the norm of the everyday during our time together as we welcome the web of sisters & brothers in support of each other to amplify and activate healing & positive change into the world. Circle inside the ancient stone spirits of Stonehenge (Masculine) & Avebury (Feminine) – 2 of the largest stone circles in all of Europe. Drink from the healing Red & White springs and be restored upon the Earth in balance with All Beings. Walk the ley lines of Michael and Mary, climb the Tor & stand at the High Altar of Alchemical Love inside the Glastonbury Abbey. Learn the teachings of the Wheel of the Priestess & the Wheel of the Year, Archetypes of the Feminine & Masculine, Sexuality & Relationship and engage with the power of Elemental Magic & Earth Ceremony as a sacred way of life. This pilgrimage offers space for both women & men to drop inside the alchemical dance of the Divine Feminine & Masculine forms and for each of us to commune with the offerings of the Earth so that we may experience the bounty of nature as medicine for the soul. This live retreat is the perfect complement to the online Urban Priestess Mystery School & a pilgrimage that will rest inside your heart for years to come. In Avalon, together we remember and together we rise. 

Udaya Live
Aug 20

Udaya Live

  • Rui Pravets Hotel Quater Ezeroto 8 2161 Pravets Bulgaria

Udaya Live is an all-inclusive international retreat style festival in South Eastern Europe. Join us for yoga, live music, dancing, swimming, community, and fun in the sun… just like summer camp.

Featuring Tina Malia, Dave Stringer, Sheela Bringi, Breath Of Life Tribe, Gina Sala and renowned yoga teachers Sianna Sherman, Annie Carpenter, Dylan Werner, Rudi Mettia, Micheline Berry, Emma Henry and so many more.

Bhakti Fest West
Sep 11

Bhakti Fest West

  • Joshua Tree

Bhakti Fest is the premier yoga, sacred music, and personal growth festival in the United States. Since 2009, for six days each September, we have featured the best Yoga TeachersKirtan Musicians, and Workshop Leaders in the world. We are part of the Center for Spiritual Studies, a 501c3 nonprofit that supports charities across the globe, mainly in India. Proceeds generated each year, after we cover our costs, go to our chosen causes. We accept donations to help us provide extraordinary festivals and give support to those less fortunate than us. We hope to see you in the Bhav!


BUY TICKETS AND USE CODE: MOOSEBF17 at checkout for a special discount! 

Monterrey Yoga Festival with Ana Forrest & Rod Stryker
May 28

Monterrey Yoga Festival with Ana Forrest & Rod Stryker

  • Mexico

Congreso de Yoga de Monterrey es un espacio integral para acercar la práctica del yoga a la comunidad y abierto a todos aquellos que buscan un cambio positivo desde el interior

Con más de 700 asistentes provenientes de todo México y USA, hombres y mujeres, con un estilo de vida orientado al cultivo de salud integral y el desarrollo de la mente, el cuerpo y el espíritu.

Tenemos el gran honor de contar con la presencia de maestros reconocidos mundialmente y los mejores a nivel nacional.

• Ana Forrest • Rod Stryker • Jose Calarco • Masood Ali Khan • Quetzal Rios • Alejandro Quiyono• Rafa Cervantes • Olivia Mtz • Rose Mary Atri • Gabriela Tavera • Lety Lozano • Cynthia Landa • Lucía Rodriguez • Dany Garza • Omar Cruz • Marteen Zarate • Maddox Mandala • Yolanda Amador • Joel Valencia • Claudia Gonzalez • Roberto López • Marina y Ors • Olivia Bolio • Bernadette Alvarez Tostado • Adriana Cabañas • Kim Dewey •Melissa Martinez • Brenda Medina • David Ramos • Eduardo Mata • Juliana Saenz •

La Cuarta Edición del Congreso de Yoga Monterrey se llevará a cabo los días 26, 27 y 28 de Mayo de 2017 en el Centro de Convenciones Pabellón M.

Creado para generar una atmósfera de aprendizaje y experiencia dentro de un marco seguro, transformador e inspirador que permita a cada participante profundizar y conectar con su potencial a través del yoga.

Dentro del evento habrá talleres y clases de yoga para todos los niveles, conferencias, meditaciones, Expo Yoga y Bienestar, yoga para niños, demos y mucho más.

Treefort Music Festival
Mar 26

Treefort Music Festival

  • Downtown Boise, Idaho

Yogafort is a collaborative experience between yoga, dance, meditation, fitness and Treefort Music Fest musicians. All classes are paired with live music, from DJs to xylophones to sitars and guitars. Experience local flavor interwoven with international sensations. Enjoy 3 days of yoga, dance, live music and kirtan with your Yogafort pass.

Spirit of the Sun ~ Costa Rica Retreat with Sianna Sherman
Mar 5

Spirit of the Sun ~ Costa Rica Retreat with Sianna Sherman

  • Pranamar Villas

Next year can be filled with so much deep love for life and nurturing the mind, spirit and caring for our precious body. But why wait - reserve your space for a yoga, meditation and live music with Sianna Sherman and I at one of the most beautiful yoga retreat centers in Costa Rica at Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat. After yoga and delicious dining enjoy surfing whilst staying in luxury accommodations come early and head to the Envision Festival, Costa Rica. 

Envision Yoga Festival
Feb 26

Envision Yoga Festival

  • Rancho La Merced

As a celebration dedicated to awakening our human potential, Envision provides a platform for different cultures to co-exist in sustainable community, and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability and our fundamental connection with nature.

Deep Exhale in the Sky Yoga and Dance With DJ Marques Wyatt & Cristi Christensen.
4:00 pm16:00

Deep Exhale in the Sky Yoga and Dance With DJ Marques Wyatt & Cristi Christensen.

  • Row Dtla

"Deep Exhale" is a yoga-dance collaboration between Marques Wyatt (legendary DJ + founder of LA house music institution DEEP Events), and international yoga teacher Cristi Christensen.

On Feb 18th we're on the expansive rooftop deck at ROW DTLA, breathing in a 360-degree sunset view -- from the mountains to the coast.

LEVITYoga™: The Incredible Lightness of Heart, Mind & Body with Peter Sterios
Jan 29

LEVITYoga™: The Incredible Lightness of Heart, Mind & Body with Peter Sterios

  • Esalen Institute

In this all-level yoga workshop, you can discover an intuitive way to relate to your practice, where we avoid taking ourselves too seriously and are open to finding humor in our practice in the most refreshing and enlightening ways. Through the practice of yoga with LEVITY in Heart, Mind, and Body, you can feel the effect this type of practice has on your immune and nervous systems, which allows your inherent natural healing forces to work as they were intended. Fun heals on so many levels - intelligent fun even more so!

Special Winter Solstice Class with Sianna Sherman
6:30 pm18:30

Special Winter Solstice Class with Sianna Sherman

  • Shine Yoga

Winter Solstice is a moment of profound mystery. In the darkest night of the year, there is the mystical rebirth of the light. This festival is a sacred threshold where the portal opens and the Sun of the Heart is reborn into the world. We are called to renew and transform ourselves from the embrace of darkness into the flame of love. Yoga is a ritual of the heart, mind, body and soul. Yoga Ritual is Sianna’s signature offering where the practice of yoga is infused with ceremonial magic to connect you with the directions and sacred gateways for your vision, transformation, healing and wisdom.. Sianna will lead an elegant asana flow with myth, mantra and mudra. Masood will offer his sublime music of the hang drum and a guided meditation for the rebirth of the light within.

This is an alchemical offering in service to the Whole of Humanity for love, light and peace. All Levels are Welcome.

Please bring a tea light in a candleholder.

Register Here: