"Masood Ali Khan and Sheela Bringi are two rising stars in the sacred music scene, artists in the “yoga music” genre."

Brenda Patoine - The Bhakti Beat

“Hang with Angels is a sonic Elixer to open the heart and transform any yoga class or any environment into a healing ritual space where our velocity melts into a vast sacred stillness. This exquisite offering beckons one to taste the nectar produced when listener, musician, music and mantra unite.”

Micheline Berry - LA Yoga Magazine

"Ethereal. Enchanting. Illuminating". "In Masood’s hands the instrument can send you on a magic-carpet ride". "If grace could be musically recorded, it would sound very much like Masood’s Hang with Angels".

K.R - Yoga Journal

"combines the soothing, exotic sounds of the hang with several of yoga music’s finest female vocalists. Ethereal, hypnotic renderings of Radhe Govinda, the Gayatri Mantra, Jai Bhagavan, Gate Gate, and seven other chants and mantras pull the listener into a quietly expansive state of mind. "a perfect soundscape for meditation, bodywork and relaxation any time of day. Be enthralled!

Light Of Consciousness Magazine - Light Of Consciousness magazine

"The play on words in this hang (pronounced hung) player’s sophomore album title is ingenious: the percussive, spaceship-looking hang’s unique, watery sound makes it a perfect accompaniment for the ‘angels,’ in this case a handful of heralded kirtan singers". "A serene and gorgeous effort".

Derek Beres - Whole Life Times

"This sublime offering brings the sacred sounds of Masood's divine hang with an amazing collection of Kirtan artists to create a stream of transporting melodic beauty that is an great gift for the flow of yoga, love and life."

Shiva Rea - On CD

““This music is rapturous—ethereally haunting and mystically uplifting—as hanging with angels tends to be…” ”

-Sharon Gannon - On CD

"Beautiful, soulful music from Masood and his angelic friends... Listen and ascend!" l

Jai Uttal - On CD


DJ Pathaan - BBC World - Musical Rickshaw

““The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan” has received a listing in Yoga Journal’s Nov ’09 top 10 celebrity playlist for the track Bhakti Gita.”

Yoga Journal - Yoga Journal

“sweet exotic meditations Love the Hang and Masood makes beautiful music with it. Haunting and soulful. Really digging the vibe on Gaia Nector with Kalimba and Didgeridoo. Great Job.”

Maestro T - iTunes

"Loving This works amazingly well in yoga classes and holds its own in numerous other contexts...The sounds that Masood is able to conjure from his hang are incredible. This one will be in my ipod for sometime to come."

Global beat fusion Yoga instructor - iTunes

"Masood played at our class today and it was phenomenal".

ESG10 - iTunes

"Takes you deep into the depths of the soul" "Exudes plenty of healing energy" " This album is perfect for Yoga classes - the rhythms will get you off your asanas" "Ethereal" "extremely distinctive from anything else I've heard" "A very unique experience"

Micheal R.Mollura - >LA Yoga Magazine