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Alchemy of Avalon Pilgrimage with Sianna Sherman

  • EarthSpirit United Kingdom (map)

Known as modern-day Glastonbury, the lands of Avalon honor all that is sacred. Full of myth & magic, Priestess and Druid traditions - here the flows of the Feminine & Masculine unite inside the temple of the Goddess. Ceremony, ritual, prayer, dance, song & communion with nature are the norm of the everyday during our time together as we welcome the web of sisters & brothers in support of each other to amplify and activate healing & positive change into the world. Circle inside the ancient stone spirits of Stonehenge (Masculine) & Avebury (Feminine) – 2 of the largest stone circles in all of Europe. Drink from the healing Red & White springs and be restored upon the Earth in balance with All Beings. Walk the ley lines of Michael and Mary, climb the Tor & stand at the High Altar of Alchemical Love inside the Glastonbury Abbey. Learn the teachings of the Wheel of the Priestess & the Wheel of the Year, Archetypes of the Feminine & Masculine, Sexuality & Relationship and engage with the power of Elemental Magic & Earth Ceremony as a sacred way of life. This pilgrimage offers space for both women & men to drop inside the alchemical dance of the Divine Feminine & Masculine forms and for each of us to commune with the offerings of the Earth so that we may experience the bounty of nature as medicine for the soul. This live retreat is the perfect complement to the online Urban Priestess Mystery School & a pilgrimage that will rest inside your heart for years to come. In Avalon, together we remember and together we rise.